Belgian Guide Dog Centre

Have you ever come across a guide dog? These dogs help their blind or visually impaired owners get around in traffic as safely as possible. They do this in many ways: by bypassing obstacles on the pavement, indicating a kerb, staircase, or zebra crossing, or looking for a seat on the bus or train.

That’s a whole range of tasks for which these dogs need to be specially trained. At the Belgian Guide Dog Centre (BCG) in Tongeren, they are happy to do just that. Would you like to discover for yourself exactly how they go about this? Then schedule a visit. Take a look behind the scenes of the centre, discover the training approach and history of the BCG, listen to a testimonial from a guide dog owner, and watch the process from puppy to guide dog.

The lecture will be followed by a tour of the centre, the experience room, and the kennels. The reception can be extended to include a break for drinks, coffee, and pastries. Agreements on this can be made with the BCG staff.

 The Belgian Guide Dog Centre is a non-profit organisation that depends on donations and legacies, but they provide the dogs free of charge to the visually impaired. Would you like to set up a fundraiser for our organisation or make a donation? Please visit to find out how.