Food & drinks

It’s no secret that the people of Tongeren are fond of good food and drink, often from their own territory. All you have to do is walk into a Tongeren bakery or specialty shop to discover delicious regional products, based on traditional recipes or with a tasty nod to the past.

Throughout its long history, Tongeren's food culture has been subjected to many influences, including those from Germanic and Celtic tribes and, of course, the Romans. We have continued this love of life in more recent times too.

How come Belgium's first city has such a rich tradition of regional delicacies? Well, it’s all to do with our undulating landscape with its fertile, loamy soil.

Many Tongeren eateries, including our three Michelin-starred restaurants, are passionate about using local ingredients and products to delight their guests with their culinary creations. But renowned starred chefs from far beyond the city limits also find their way to Tongeren.

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