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Sint-Jacobusgasthuis - ancient oasis of peace

Long ago, a flourishing Tongeren was a favourite stop for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. They would spend the night in Sint-Jacobusgasthuis (St Jacob’s guest house). Thanks to donations it became a wealthy institution. After the tempestuous French Revolution, the complex was turned into a hospital, orphanage and rest home.

Gasthuiskapel - Visit Tongeren

In 1980, Sint-Jacobusgasthuis was turned into a centre for Tongeren’s municipal services. Nowadays, it is an ultra-modern hotel, residential and shopping complex. The guest house’s former chapel has undergone a very impressive renovation. The integration of the visitors’ centre with a glass outdoor pavilions is yet another example of Tongeren’s innovative approach to its heritage. 

Visitor's centre with regional products and souvenir shop

What used to be an oasis of calm in days gone by is now bubbling with vitality. A great stay in and around Tongeren starts at our visitor’s centre. It also has a cornucopia of delicious regional products and souvenirs, so that you can continue to enjoy your trip long after you are back home. Make sure to visit it. You will receive a warm welcome!