Treasure hunt at Teseum

Fire! Fire! Go on a daring rescue operation with Servaas. Fortunately, this mischievous altar boy knows Teseum like the back of his hand. Together, you will save the most important art objects from the great fire that reduced Tongeren to ashes in 1677. There’s also a reward for this courage... your very own treasure chest at the end of the tour.

Interactive museum tour of Teseum: The Sky is the Limit

If you think that art treasures are boring you obviously have not been on our interactive tour yet. Ask questions and take selfies during this to create a personal mood board expressing your view of the world and your thoughts, feelings and dreams. After the tour you can check your mood board as often as you like, at school or home. Cool!

Archaeological site

Interactive archaeological tour of Teseum

Dive deep for buried treasure! Young experts will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery through 2000 years of Tongeren. The archaeological audio tours are tailor-made for 6-12 year olds and 12 - 16 year olds.

info and openings hours :  www.teseum.be