Iconic cycle routes for everyone

The best of Flanders by bike

Nine iconic cycle routes lead you through the best of Flanders: nature, heritage, culture, gastronomy and many encounters on the way. Each iconic cycle route stitches together the best of Flemish scenery along attractive cycle paths and around a central theme. you can combine the routes in any way you choose: for a day out, a weekend break or a five-day (or more) trip.

All the iconic cycle routes are fully signposted in two directions. You can therefore choose in which direction you cycle, and where you want to start or finish. The signage is simple and clear. The boards show the name and colour of the route and the direction you are cycling. 

The Flanders route and the Hilly route run through Tongeren. You can find more cycling routes at www.vlaanderenmetdefiets.be

At the bottom of this page you can download an overview map and the gpx files of Flanders Route and the Hilly route.