Educational visits

The Gallo-Roman Museum

If you think that museums are boring, the Gallo-Roman Museum will change your mind! Educational programmes and great workshops will keep pupils fascinated by the amazing past. If you want a museum visit that is really pupil-proof, go to or e-mail to


The Teseum, located at the Basilica of Our Lady, is the ideal place to introduce schoolchildren and students to the history of Tongeren in a way that is tailored to their age group. In the underground section of the museum, they can wander through a genuine archaeological site to discover both Roman and medieval foundations and finds. The treasury’s splendid collection of religious art will also be of interest to them.

The Teseum offers special experiential tours for primary and secondary school children, with living history elements and links to the experiences of the relevant age group.

Make your visit complete with a climb all the way to the top of the tower of the Basilica of Our Lady. The stairs lead you past the attics, the various rooms inside the tower and the carillon.